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    Let’s not meet halfway
    Lamborghini says the one-off Aventador J (that’s J for Jota, harking back to that 1970s super-Miura) is its most uncompromising super sports car. Yet it is fully street legal. For a start, the Aventador is what the Italians call a barchetta, which means ’little boat’. In essence, it is an open roadster. This is a car for the purist: no roof, no aircon,
    no sat-nav and no windscreen – just tiny wind deflectors. Tiny, but big enough to ensure that you cut through the air
    at 300 km/h without so much as ruffling your coiffure.

    Based on the Aventador LP 700-4, the J uses innovative tech such as forged composite carbon fibre, pioneered on the Sesto Elemento. The material is used in construction of the seats, which are covered in more carbon fibre: a patented CF-based textile called CarbonSkin. And, like the LP 700-4, it has a 515 kW 12-cylinder engine – powering significantly less weight. Fibre taken further. The Aventador J is the first vehicle to use patented Carbonskin. It is made of woven carbon fibres soaked with a special epoxy resin that stabilises the fibre structure and keeps the material soft. Effectively, it moulds to a shape. Although Carbonskin is used to clad the cockpit and parts of the seats, Lamborghini has suggested that it could even be used for high-end clothing.

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