• Lamborghini pushrod suspension

    Lamborghini pushrod suspension
    Date:1 April 2011

    For its successor to the flagship Murciélago, Lamborghini looked to Formula 1 for a tech edge: pushrod suspension.

    The new 512 kW V12 super sports car’s sophisticated spring-and-damper running gear, inspired by F1 and adapted for road use, integrates with aluminium double wishbone suspension and a carbon ceramic brake system. It’s said to be the first time such a layout has been used in series production.

    Instead of being located on the wheel mounts, the spring and damper elements are connected inboard to the bodyshell, in a transverse position. Wheel forces are transmitted to the spring/damper by pushrods and relay levers and rockers.

    The expensive-to-implement double wishbone set-up provides consistent suspension geometry, and the pushrod method separates wheel control and damping. Result: more precise, responsive handling. Being rigidly connected to the chassis, unlike regular spring/damper set-ups, the pushrod arrangement allows spring stiffness to be reduced, improving comfort without compromising on precision.

    The ultra-light suspension system, including upper and lower control arms, wheel mounts and relay levers, is made from forged aluminium alloy, with carbon ceramic composite brake discs.

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