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    Lamborghini's Urus
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    Off-road rocket

    Bentley grabbed the headlines at Geneva with its SUV offering, but the Italian branch of the VW family hit back in Beijing with what it calls the ultimate super athlete in the SUV segment. The Urus concept boasts a 440 kW engine, but at the same time emits the lowest CO2 figure in its segment. Lamborghini is looking to the Urus to bring in a slew of new buyers, including the company says, families and Lamborghini customers who have so far driven SUV models from other brands. Porsche, you have been warned. The Urus is being aimed mainly at the USA, the UK, Germany, Russia, the Middle East and China and about 3 000 a year are likely to be built.

    Light weight was a design priority, even in the interior, with massive use of innovative carbon fibre technologies. Lamborghini’s expertise in carbon materials is shown to good effect in the centre tunnel’s open, skeletal structure made from Forged Composite, only partially clad in leather-upholstered cushioning. The four seats are also made of Forged Composite. A notable exterior feature is adaptive aerodynamics. In combination with variable bodyshell height, the height-adjustable front spoiler aids high-speed stability when set low, and improves approach angle when raised. A deflector along the upper edge of the rear window channels airflow to an adjustable spoiler.

    Inventive use of lighting technology has created a striking all-LED front end, with headlights in a horizontal, heptagonal form featuring two arrays each with three high-performance LEDs. Blast from the past. Tractor manufacturer-turned-industrial magnate Ferrucio Lamborghini believed fellow Italians Maserati and Ferrari weren’t the only people who could build supercars. Having proved the founder’s point, the company then decided that what the world needed was the same performance, off-road.

    Unfortunately, they were a couple of decades early. The LM002 of 1986 almost made the company’s Countach look subtle, with a monstrous exterior, luxurious interior, a 336 kW 12-cylinder engine and a top speed exceeding 210 km/h. In its six years of production, just 300 were built.


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