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    Audi Cabriolet quattro
    Date:31 December 2007 Tags:

    Audi cross cabriolet quattro

    It had to happen. The Cross Cabriolet quattro concept car launched at the Los Angeles Auto Show combines SUV and convertible. Mechanicals include a 180 kW 3-litre TDI engine, quattro permanent four-wheel-drive and chassis with electric ride height adjustment. Among the tech highlights are a blending of Google Earth and Audi’s own built-in navigation system to enrich the car’s infotainment capacity. High-resolution display and photorealistic 3D maps raise sat-nav to a whole new level. Taking the Web connection one step further, the car’s customisable interactive Internet radio system provides access to the Internet radio stations. Oh, and in case you’re finding it hard to communicate with your fellow occupants with the top down, an intercom system relays occupants’ comments to each other via individual microphones and the sound system.

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