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    Alfa 8C Competizione
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    Alfa 8C Competizione

    Alfisti revere the model designation 8C. Which isn’t surprising. Back in the 1930s and 1940s, the 8-cylinder monster trashed the opposition and powered its legendary drivers to countless triumphs. Now 8C has been appropriately resurrected, along with another revered nameplate – “Competizione” – in the new Alfa 8C Competizione. The latter half of the name makes a nod in the direction of the 6C 2500 Competizione model driven by Fangio and Zanardi in the Mille Miglia during the 1950s.

    Also appropriately, the new car is decked out in characteristic red and black. Just 500 will be made.

    Under the engine cover lies a 4 591 cm3 90 V8 that churns out 335 kW at 7 000 r/min and 470 N.m at 4 750 r/min. Performance isn’t listed, but expect it to be eye-popping – like its looks.

    Race-engineered suspension and brake systems, including Alfa Romeo’s latest VDC technology (advanced stability and traction control systems), complement the high-performance engine.


    The 8-cylinder designed by the noted Vittorio Jano powered the original 8C; word is that a Maserati-derived engine powers the new car.
    Body talk
    Carbon fibre makes a significant contribution to the 8C Competizione’s bodywork. Suspension is double wishbone all round, and the engine drives the rear wheels via a range of transmission modes. A spider version is on the cards
    Scorching performance
    The prototype’s top speed is a claimed 300 km/h, and acceleration 0 to 100 km/h is said to take 4,5 seconds.


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