• The new Toyota Hilux has been revealed

    Date:21 May 2015

    The eighth-generation of the Toyota Hilux has officially been revealed ahead of its 2016 launch, with the interior redesign reportedly focusing on comfort and refinement, while still building on the model’s reliable and tough reputation.

    CARmag.co.za quotes the executive chief engineer behind the Hilux, Hiroki Nakajima; “our entire development concept was centered on ‘redefining toughness’. We aimed to make the new Hilux ‘tougher’ based on a much broader interpretation of that word. The message we want to deliver to our customers is embodied in our slogan for the vehicle: ‘A New Era for Pickup. Every inch a Hilux.’”

    The website reports that among the bakkie’s revised features are: “a newly developed frame and suspension, a new engine range that includes 110 kW/400 N.m 2,4- and 130 kW/450 N.m 2,8-litre diesel engine options, and all-new transmission (six-speed automatic and five- and six-speed manual) technologies”.

    The bakkie will also be offering more room than the current model: 19 mm additional shoulder room, 8 mm more headroom and a 15 mm boost to the driver’s seat position. The rear passenger legroom has a 35 mm gain. Rear air vents are also included. The overall size of the bakkie has increased with 75 mm to the length and 20 mm to the width, while also having an increased towing capacity of 3 500 kg with a 1 240 kg payload. A standard reverse camera will reportedly be offered in certain markets.

    Source: CARmag.co.za

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