The world’s ugliest electric vehicles – part 1

  • Renault Twizy
  • Lumenco SMERA
  • Cross Rider Sport
  • Tazzari Zero
  • Ecoloc Car
  • Eve E2
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Renault Twizy
If it weren't for the colour scheme, this 2,4 m (8-foot) concept electric vehicle might be something to have some fun with cruising through city streets.

Lumenco SMERA
The SMERA electric vehicle, according to Lumenco, its maker, "is an electric car with a perfect size for our everyday commuting". We prefer room for cup holders, a briefcase and elbows.

Cross Rider Sport
This electric vehicle, by Comarth, is built for off-roading, but looks like it belongs on the golf course.

Tazzari Zero
When we took the Tazzari Zero on a test drive, we didn't quite understand what niche the company was trying to fill with its tiny electric car. If the quiet corner where Tazzari sits at the Paris Motor Show is any indication, neither does the rest of the world.

Ecoloc Car
France's Ecoloc Car company offers a number of small — make that tiny — electric vehicles. Yes, these small vehicles are probably practical for the tight streets of Paris, but if you need small, wouldn't you rather take a motorcycle?

Eve E2
Eve's E2 electric car is smaller than a Smart, at just 2,1 m-long and weighs 350 kg. Unlike the Smart, however, this vehicle's max speed is just 64 km/h.

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