The world’s ugliest electric vehicles – part 2

  • Electric Smart Car
  • EcoMobilys Little Four
  • From Montbeliard
  • BlueCar 3-Seater EV
  • F-CITY
Date:1 October 2010 Tags:, ,

Electric Smart Car
Europeans love their small cars, and they take pride in their robust fleet. But even with the admittedly high-quality (if over-the-top) detailing done to this cabriolet Smart Car, it isn't likely to replace the highway-ready, full-size convertibles, in power or looks.

EcoMobilys Little Four
A utility vehicle doesn't have to look good — we understand that. But what practical application does an electric Jeep-go-kart have exactly? It might be a good beach car — if we didn't have to fear getting it wet.

From Montbeliard
That grin is just too wide.

BlueCar 3-Seater EV
This 3-seater isn't pretty, but BlueCar says this EV gets over 160 km on a charge.

This Paris Auto Show exclusive from FAM automobiles is not likely to reach a North American market.

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