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The SA Innovation Summit is the annual flagship event on the South African innovation calendar and serves as a platform for nurturing, developing and showcasing African innovation; while simultaneously facilitating innovation thought-leadership. It was first created to support and promote innovation and facilitate collaboration within its own eco-system, bringing together corporates, thought leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, academia and policymakers to amplify South Africa’s renowned competitive edge and inspire sustained economic growth across Africa.

We’ve partnered with the SA Innovation Summit and are offering a Popular Mechanics Reader’s Choice award at Inventors Garage.

We’ve asked each of these amazing innovators to tell us more about their product in their own words.

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Product: Hygizone

Hygizone is a hygienic odour extraction system for use in commercial & residential bathrooms.  The Hygizone system works by extracting air directly from toilet bowls and urinals. It captures and removes odour causing bacteria before it can escape and contaminate the toilet environment hence eliminating the need for costly air fresheners. In commercial applications, Hygizone has proven to be energy and cost efficient. The Hygizone urinal system can convert water flushing urinals to waterless urinals saving thousands of litres of water per urinal per year.


Wise Parking Pty

Product: Parking Phanda App

Our product is called “Parking Phanda APP” is an innovative smartphone app, that is designed for drivers of motor vehicles in the cities and with this app, drivers can search for available parking space(s) on-streets in the cities and can also make parking payments seamlessly wherever the parking tariff is applicable. This app will help reduce the frustrations of searching for a parking spot in the cities streets and provide secure digital parking payment.


Flywheel Smoothie Bikes

Product: Flywheel Smoothie Bikes

We have designed and built a pedal-powered smoothie bike. The purpose of the bike is to make smoothies at any location and doesn’t use Electricity. Our vision and goal is to create employment by having them stationed at various companies, location and events. We also promote healthy living and cycling in a fun and new way.


App Tours

Product: App Tours

App tours is a mobile application available on Android and IOS connecting international and locals with local tour guides with a touch of a button(1st of its kind).


K Measure

Product: Seebox

Seebox is a self-paced educational tool that teaches electronic principles, problem-solving and abstract thinking to learners and technical workers.  The patented Seebox solution consists of electronic hardware, Windows and Android apps, educational content in the form of videos, experiments, math modules, etc, as well as a cloud-based Learner Management system. Learners watch simple animated videos to learn the concepts of electronics or electricity. They then use that knowledge to progress through a game. Each level contains practical experiments where Seebox measures the outcome of the experiment and, based on what the learner achieves, they can proceed to the next level.  The aim is for the student to gain real practical understanding, not just theoretical knowledge. The user interface works like familiar smartphone apps.  Importantly, Seebox tracks the progress and abilities of the learner, and because it does the teaching and evaluation automatically, it does not require a knowledgeable teacher present.


Kasselot Evanesse

Product: Spilt Milk

This range is not only beautiful in form but exquisite in function too. This patented technology fabric draws leaked milk away from the tender skin and then evaporates it before showing through onto the outer layer of the clothing.  BENEFITS  A new patented moisture flow system that gives you the confidence of absorbent disposables. Light to moderate milk moisture protection-85-95% moisture management requirements filled Moisture management is less bulky due to evaporation. The conveyance of milk moisture from the inside to the outside of the Evanesse keeps you dry all the time. Promotes milk moisture away from the garment Your natural body heat assists the flow. The Evanesse has superb style and extra comfort The Evanesse can be used for your last trimester of pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Hey Jude App

Product: Hey Jude App

Hey Jude is an easy-to-use virtual personal assistant on (your) hand(set) 24/7 for practically anything that needs to be researched, booked, quoted, organised or even transacted. With Hey Jude your administrative drudgery is outsourced to a team of highly experienced specialist assistants or ‘Judes’ that pride themselves on delivering cutting edge services. The combination of a human customer interface combined with the best artificial intelligence (AI) systems means we have the operational flexibility to respond swiftly and effectively to customers’ requests. So whether it’s finding that special bottle of wine for your wine snob friend, booking a table at the hippest eatery in town, sourcing tickets to that sold out concert in London or organising an urgent flight to Abu Dhabi, we promise to do our very best to get it sorted – sans hassles and sans delay.


Off Grid Innovations Pty ltd.

Product: iHarvey

iHarvey – The worlds most usable thermoelectric generator. iHarvey produces power by converting heat into electricity. Powering 3 high quality LED lamps and charging any USB device simultaneously, the iHarvey is extremely usable, whilst also being economical – running for 29 hours on a single litre of fuel whilst producing very little emissions.


Delta Guard

Product: Delta Guard

It is a patented invention for anti-theft, for automatic gate motors. It has been tested by one of the top manufacturers in gate automation and broke their holding record, for safety. This bracket does not work with a padlock but has been invented to work with internal locks.


Shock Wave Engineering cc

Product: The Pivot Optimiser

The Pivot Optimiser is an IOT monitoring and control system for irrigation center pivots and pumps. It performs local control functions (which keep working with no internet connection) and transmits all measured data to a web server. Settings are entered on the web server. The system saves energy (typically 25%) by controlling the pump pressure as the pivot moves up and down hills. Pump efficiency is continuously monitored allowing wear to be detected and maintenance scheduled. Physically it consists of the main unit (electronics plus firmware) installed in the pump house with a radio link to remote units installed on the pivot. The remote units are powered by a solar panel and measure the pressure of the pivot using pressure sensors. The system monitors water use and is a tool for farmers to reduce water consumption. SMS alerts are sent to operators.


Chayi Visionaries

Product: Smartie Suitcase

A smart suitcase that makes travelling easy, You can be able to track it with its Indoor Navigation Technology capabilities, Avoid overweight fines with its built-in weigh scale and control the security with your fingerprint using the Biometric Lock.



Product: BioPay

The ability to make payments to any type of vendor, in one step – walk into any vendor, with no card/cash/smartphone on you, and make a payment, using only your fingerprint and biometric data. Make online purchases with no registration, faster, more convenient, safer, one step always. intro video here –

Product: is a B2B “off the shelf”, cloud-based, salesforce automation sales tool, developed to help venture-backed and incubated SMEs accelerate and automate their sales process in so doing, increase revenue growth.   The tool was developed with an initial goal of being a simple local sales tool that South African companies would make use of to drive revenue through sales. Our market research revealed that SMEs in incubation and acceleration centers experience challenges in their sales process, in particular, the GET, KEEP and GROW aspects of the sales lifecycle. As a result, it becomes hard to prove business sustainability and growth to sponsors and access markets.  Our solution offers an automated reputable and repeatable approach to the sales process, assists with customers prospecting to drive leads and provides automated revenue projections and targets to help you accelerate sales and grow the business.



Product: RANT EDU

Our invention is a disruptive solution that addresses a serious pain point in our country (Students not affording textbooks). We have found an ingenious solution that will disrupt the eTextbook industry by introducing a new business model. We are about solving social issues using technology and “out the box” thinking.


High Power Spring Engine

Product: High Power Spring Engine

This novel invention is a high power spring engine that produces effective and efficient mechanical power that can be used to drive alternators used in electricity generation, and can also be used as a source of motive power in stone mills that are used to mill rocks in the mining industry. The machine is easy to manufacture, has few moving parts and it incorporates an advanced digital system that monitors the performance of the whole machine and notifies the user when service is due. My invention stands out because it will reduce electricity costs and have less of an impact on the environment because it is green energy. The machine is independent of weather elements(unlike solar), has significantly fewer running costs as compared to combustion engines and it does not use and fossil fuel.



Product: TapDail

TapDail is an On-the-Go Social, Advertising and Marketing tool that connects Customers and Businesses, Business-to-Business on social media platforms such as smartphones, tablets and in-vehicle media. Through its internal capabilities or outsourcing, TapDail will be providing vital and needed information to Businesses and their existing or potential Customers.


Cubic 38

Product: Cubic38

Our product innovation was developed with the aim to aid waste tyre recycling efforts in my community Pretoria west. Waste tyre pyrolysis is one of the most effective ways of disposing of waste tyres in an environmental way and the unavailability of user-friendly and low-cost shoe polish and tyre shine in the South African market. Three byproducts are produced through this process which are oil, high tensile steel or wire and waste tyre char.  Waste tyre char has little to no use in the current South African market with many plants choosing to stockpile or dispose of the waste char in landfills. In the process of trying to find new ways to use waste tyre char, we developed and formulated three working products. In the production process, we improve the quality and remove impurities and metals from the raw waste char to make it adequate for use on our products. Our main working products are cubic tyre shine, cubic shoe polish and cubic imprint ink. In 2017 we have successfully filed for a patent for our products and process.


Droidfx Technologies

Product: Droidfx Technologies

This is electronic cashless ticketing system that uses NFC technology, using android application the NFC tag is registered and loaded with Units/cash,  this data is sent to sever where there is an admin panel, responsible to monitor all the registrations and transactions happening in different registry/validation points, a client will use this NFC tag whenever they are traveling and there is another application that do the validation of the ticket, everytime the ticket is used some amount of cash/units will be deducted from the account according to the distance and destination traveled, the user can load/update cash into the ticket anytime they wish, this same way works with events , NFC is registered, turned into a ticket, loaded with units and everytime the ticket is used there is deduction of the units taking place till it reaches zero and user can load units anytime they wish, the app is currently available on Android platform.


Largo Technologies (PTY) LTD

Product: Largo Technologies

Largo is an app that helps people to curb their emotional spend. Using a patented overlay of emotional and transactional spend data, Largo creates an emotional spend map (ESM) that provides users with new insights into their spend behaviour and emotional triggers for buying. Largo users benefit from real-time emotional state indicators and pause before you buy (PBYB) nudges that create in the moment opportunities for better spend decision making.  Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics the system creates unique profiles and suggests corrective measures to decrease superfluous spending and increase savings potential, whilst suggesting savings or investment products in line with users specific savings goals.  Largo will sign up banks to participate, with access to anonymised user profiles who can customise savings or investment offers to specific users in order to attract them to open savings or investment accounts directly with said bank.


Attachie Cell Phone attachment

Product: Attchie Cell Phone attachment

As a 9-year-old mentored by an innovative father and having realized how Mom struggles keeping her wallet, phone and keys together, I came up with a practical solution combing them together, making it a One-Hand-Item: The Multifunction Phone Case Add-on.  It has enough space for some Bank-, License-, Gym-, Business card, money, chronic pills and keychain for car keys. It attaches to any Phone or Phone Cover. And YES ladies…I even added a mirror to make sure the lips and lashes stay perfect.


The Bagtechtor (Bag Protector)

Product: The Bagtector (Bag Protector)

I’m a 6-year-old girl and love to take broken things and create something new…well it looks new to me, OK! I promised my brother I’ll invent something that will prevent his phone being stolen out of this rugby bag at school ever again. I then, with the help and mentorship of my father, invented THE BAG-TECTOR. It’s a remote operated security alarm system in a form of a practical device that you put in any bag or suitcase. The device is light or movement sensitive. Activate it with your remote. If someone opens or picks up your bag…BUSTED…off goes a loud siren.


Potshot shot indicator

Product: Potshot indicator

I’m young and ambitious. My father taught me if you come across a problem, put some thought to it and find a solution. I participate in competitive long-distance target shooting and It’s difficult to spot whether or not we hit the target from such long distance. The only way to accurately judge is to drive to the target and back which is time-consuming and interruptive of the game. I saw the need and came up with a practical solution in a form of a cost-effective, solar charged device that attaches to the back of the target with a powerful magnet or clip which makes my product one of a kind. On impact bright LED’s comes on to show target’s been hit.


Dirty Dozen

Product: Dirty Dozen

I’m a mother of three and a wife to an innovative husband. As we love to entertain guests at home, on holiday or even at a Restaurant, I came across the one problem doesn’t matter where you are. Shot glasses ALWAYS end up at the same event doesn’t matter whether it was used for shots, Gourmet desserts or Gourmet starters. The problem is that a shop glass flips over in a dishwasher and flies around in there risking damage to your dishwasher. I saw the need to get a solution for that person always ending up washing plenty of shot glasses by hand…usually, it’s me in my case, not even mentioning how time-consuming this is. I invented a one-of-a-kind and practical shot glass tray called DURTY-DOZEN that is dishwasher friendly and works like a dream.



Product: Solar Indoor Bug Zapper

Turn an ordinary light bulb into a bug zapper. Insects are attracted to the light in our homes from miles away. I designed a bug zapper device that simply clips onto a light bulb. It is compatible with most light bulb types. The device is not connected to the electricity and does not require batteries to function. A Small solar panel with a circuit generates a powerful charge to zap insects when the light is on. A fully charged zap can be produced every ten to twenty seconds by recycling light energy from the light bulb. Insects are attracted to the light when it is on, so a battery would be useless to zap insects when the light is off because insects would not be attracted to it. A great addition to every room, especially in mosquito danger areas. No Battery increases the life of the product and minimises price and maintenance.


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