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Picking DStv Premium because you wanted the ultimate home TV experience, regardless of price, was actually a pretty smart move. Now it’s even smarter: you get video streaming service Showmax for free.

The thing about freedom of choice is there’s never enough of it. But things are changing: as a DStv Premium subscriber, get set for choices you never dreamed you’d have thanks to Showmax. In short, that means you now have unlimited access to a huge online catalogue of international and local TV shows, movies, kids’ shows and documentaries. Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services like Showmax are becoming more and more popular because there are no limits to how much you watch, when you watch or how often. There are also no ads, and you can start and stop your subscription whenever you like.

In case you’re still not sure: your DStv Premium subscription suddenly went from brilliant viewing to brilliant value. At no extra cost.

The highlights reel
Showmax highlights encompass more than 35 000 local and international series episodes, movies, kids’ series and documentaries. That includes the entire box set of Friends, Seasons 1-9 of The Big Bang Theory and Emmy winners Big Little Lies, The Night Of and Veep, Seasons 1-3.

New shows that can’t be seen anywhere else:
The Young Pope, starring Jude Law and Diane Keaton; Taboo, starring Tom Hardy; The Frankenstein Chronicles, a gory period thriller; Kingdom, an MMA action drama starring Nick Jonas; and Channel Zero, a terrifying horror anthology series. Class is the Dr Who spinoff based at the Coal Hill School in London familiar to all Whovians. There’s also the racy period drama Harlots, described by Variety as “Think Downton Abbey meets Game of Thrones” and TUT, starring Ben Kingsley.

In October, the third season of Mr Robot premiered on Showmax, fresh from the US, and Season 7 of Game of Thrones arrived on 2 October. That means the ENTIRE box set of all seasons is available for the most epic binge session imaginable.

The massive line-up of local offerings includes Mzansi Magic series Saints and Sinners, kykNET’s Suidooster and everything from Rockville to all 18 seasons of the iconic series Egoli.

DStv Premium and a Showmax subscriber?
1. Go to www.showmax.com and sign in
2. Go to Manage account and click on Manage subscription
3. Select “DStv add to account” as your payment method
4. Sign in with your DStv login details (Connect ID) and accept the terms and conditions

Not yet a showmax subscriber?

1. Go to www.showmax.com
2. Sign up to Showmax with your email address
3. Create a password
4. Repeat step 3 and 4 above
5. Add Showmax to your DStv account
6. Start watching your favourite shows right now at www.showmax.com, through your connected device

Manage your data
▶ l for streaming, use the bandwidth capping feature to automatically limit the amount of data being used.
▶ The Showmax app gives subscribers the option to download up to 25 series, episodes or movies to tablets and smartphones via Wi-Fi for later offline viewing.
▶ Download files at a lower resolution, saving not only data, but also space.
▶ VAST Wi-Fi hotspots around the country allow access to Showmax at zero cost.

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