AERO South Africa gets ready to take off

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Africa’s first general aviation trade show is getting ready to take off.

AERO South Africa will take place from 4-6 July, and will be held at Wonderboom National Airport in Pretoria, Tshwane.

The trade show serves as a meeting point for both enthusiasts, businesses, and professionals of the aviation industry. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of aircraft and other products on display, as well as workshops where they can learn of the latest developments.

On Saturday, the event will host an official fly-in for those traveling to the show in their own planes. The largest fly-in to take place at Wonderboom.

“With less than three months to go, we are truly excited about the launch of this show and what it means for the local industry,” said Shaun Swart, Head of Business Development at Messe Frankfurt South Africa. “With the positive feedback we have been receiving from the general aviation community, AERO South Africa is set to become the ultimate gathering place for industry leaders and stakeholders.”

The trade show features a long list of manufacturers and suppliers from the industry. These include Stemme, Garmin, Bose, and Bell and Daher. Also participating is Absolute Aviation, Africa’s biggest distributor of Textron Aircrafts.

A prominent addition to the show is the “Park & Sell” market. A space where visitors can buy and sell vehicles on-site at a nominal fee. Visitors and prospective buyers will also get to enjoy demo flights of aircraft, as offered by exhibitors.

“We are happy about the positive uptake of visitor tickets since we opened registrations just over two weeks ago as we look forward to becoming an influential platform that facilitates the growth of the industry,” Swart added.

Attendance at AERO South Africa is free for all. Visitors can register for a show pass on the official website at


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