Unique glove invention translates sign language

Date:4 November 2019 Author: Adrian Brown Tags:, , , ,

A 26-year-old Limpopo resident has invented a unique device that aims to bridge the gap between those who can and those who cannot hear.

The invention, called “smart gloves”, has the ability to translate sign language into speech and in turn, change speech into sign language.

Lucky Netshidzati was inspired to create this amazing invention after growing up with two hearing-impaired parents.

Netshidzati was only able to properly develop speech thanks to the influence of his grandmother. He began working on the invention in 2015 after thinking back on the years when he was unable to communicate with his own parents.

The gloves with their setting managed on a cellular device. Picture: Limpopo TV.

Context sensors are built into each finger of the glove to determine the orientation of each finger and the exact extend of the bend as well as hand movements.

He managed to patent his design in 2016 and has since received attention from all over the world.

Just last week he even received top prize at the SITA hackathon held in Durban. The gloves can be powered either by charging them electronically or with a battery.

An early version of the glove. Picture by Limpopo TV.


The product needs an investment of roughly R15-million to be viable on the market and Netshidzati is currently looking for investors to make his invention readily available to all who need it.

“I don’t want other children to go through what I did as a child. I believe it will go a long way in assisting hearing-impaired people to communicate with people who can hear, without any barrier.” He told Limpopo TV.


Pictures: Pexels/ Limpopo TV

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