7 ways to update your home without fully renovating

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It’s the new year and maybe you’ve committed to a new you but you’re still stuck in a home that’s looking a bit old and in need of a refresh. You may not be able to afford the renovation of your dreams, but these are a few small projects which can make your place feel brand new without dipping into your savings.

Paint an accent wall


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This is quite a common tip, just add a fresh coat of paint. It is true a new colour or even just some well-applied paint can make a room feel new, why not try something different? In a room that is all one colour or maybe a bit dull, add something to draw the eye – an accent wall. This will change the way the space appears and allows you to get a bit creative with colour schemes.


Change your taps


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Many older houses and apartments are still fitted with unsightly, older bathroom and kitchen taps. If you’re looking to bring a more modern touch to your home replace older taps with newer mixers. This makes it easier to control your water temperature and instantly brings your bathroom into 2020.


Update your surfaces 


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Whether it’s a bathroom counter or kitchen cupboards, looking at the same surface every day can make it feel a bit boring. Bring some new life to your room by changing your surfaces, either replacing the completely or just updating them to fix the wear and tear.

Use stick-on tiles


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If you’re not up to changing the colour of a wall, why not create a more dynamic look by adding stick-on wall tiles. They are not as much of a commitment as real tiles and are less expensive. You can also choose from a myriad of styles, making sure you have a perfect match for your room.

Improve lighting


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Although we don’t often look up, the light fixtures we choose can have an influence on the space. Whether you’re wanting to change an outdated chandelier for a modern update or want to make a boring light fixture more interesting, improving your lighting situation provides multiple opportunities.

Do those small fixes



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This seems like a no-brainer but there are always small things around the house that need fixing that you just never get around to. These could be re-caulking your bathroom, fixing wall cracks or dealing with cracked tiles. They may seem small but these improvements can make your home feel brand new and will stop you from getting irritated every time you see these small faults.


Change your curtains


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A whole room makeover might be a stretch, but one small investment could be an improvement on your curtains or blinds. Depending on the light needs of the room, you could either change from curtains to blinds or vice versa. This could be a practical move or provide a new aesthetic twist to a room that was looking a bit bland.

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