Fixing a toilet flush – Tip

Date:11 December 2016 Tags:, , ,

Reader Andy Kilian tells us how he fixed his home’s toilet flush – and his fix has held firm for years.

When our siphon-type toilet failed a few years ago, I replaced the flushing mechanism with a length of 50 mm plastic pipe, which extended about 12 cm into the cistern outlet, to just above the full-water line. I drilled several large holes around the lower end and attached a fairly strong rubber collar just above that. A section of galvanised pipe added weight. The short inside lifting arm was replaced by a longer one and its end was connected to the top of the plastic pipe by means of a strong nylon cord.

Pressure on the handle lifts the rubber collar off its seat and water rushes freely down the cistern outlet pipe to “sink the Bismarcks”, at which time the handle is released. Just the right amount, every flush! In addition, the pipe serves as an overflow and any failure of the ball valve is noticed immediately.

Andy Kilian, Bulwer


This tip was originally posted in the June issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.

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