Google voice work-around

Date:1 June 2010 Tags:,

Last year, Apple made headlines for refusing to allow a Google Voice iPhone app into its App Store. For many observers, this was simply one small fracas in what is shaping up to be a clash between tech titans Apple and Google. But for iPhone users who depend on Google Voice’s ability to selectively forward calls from a single number to multiple phones, it was positively annoying.

The main problem: while Google Voice can still forward calls to an iPhone without a special app, not having one prevents your Google Voice number from automatically showing up on a recipient’s caller ID. This can be problematic if your contacts have only your Google Voice number. (I can’t tell you how many times friends of mine have let my calls go to voicemail simply because they didn’t recognise my non-Google Voice phone number).

Thankfully, Google have just given iPhone users a work-around. There is now a Web-based Google Voice app that users can use to access their Google contacts, make calls and send text messages. The best part is that calls made through the app cause one’s Google Voice number to show up on a caller ID. To access the Web app, use your iPhone’s browser to go to

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