How to order take-aways during an outbreak

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Many South Africans have found shops empty and are turning to delivery services to supply dinner while the shops restock. While supporting the service industry during this difficult time is key, here are a few practical steps to ensure you and the person delivering your food are kept safe.

Do not touch

This seems obvious but is key. It’s harder not to touch items being passed from person to person but many delivery services have upped their hand-washing requirements. Avoid touching as much as possible.

If possible meet your delivery person outside your apartment building or house, to avoid them and yourself having to come into contact with too many other people in a confined area.

Some apps like Order In and Uber Eats have applied “leave at the door” options for those who would prefer their driver leave the package at their doorstep rather than come into contact with them.

Throw away containers

Unfortunately the coronavirus has been confirmed to live on surfaces for extended number of days depending on the material. The CDC have advised cleaning surfaces regularly. To avoid keeping a possibly contaminated container around, rather dispose of it as soon as possible.

Wash your hands

This may also seem obvious but the number of times needed could be more than you think. Wash your hands before interacting with your delivery person, wash your hands after taking the food and throwing away the containers, and wash your hands after eating. It is also advised to wipe down surfaces where the containers were placed.

Buy local

This is not as much about health safety as about economic stability. The pandemic is going to hit smaller business harder than large food chains. Where possible, try and order food from a local restaurant to help keep them afloat during this tough economic period.

Tip and rate well

Much like the tip above, service workers are among those who are going to feel the effects of self-isolation and quarantine the most. They are also the ones putting their lives slightly more at risk by delivering your food so you can stay inside. Thank them by practicing good hygiene, tipping and rating them well.

Know your apps policies

Uber and Order In have already sent out messages assuring customers that they are keeping hygiene standards up and improving delivery service cleanliness.

In addition, Uber has assured users that their drivers who test positive for the virus and can’t work will be compensated financially by the company.

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