How to paint a room like a professional

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Painting a room can either be fun or it can be exhausting, it just depends on how you set about doing it. If you’re not prepared, you can end up being disappointed in your own handiwork or give up halfway through. Here is how to paint a room like a professional:

Have a plan

It can be exciting to spruce up a room so it is understandable if you just want to jump right in. Rather, take a deep breath and think about what exactly it is you want to do. Mock-up a plan of the colours you want on the walls and where exactly you want them.

Wash your walls

Grime and dirt accumulate on walls no matter how clean you keep them. If you’re just painting over paint already on the wall, give them a good wash and dry before starting your job. If you’re removing the old paint, make sure you’ve removed all the pieces properly and primed the wall before placing your colour on it.

Consider a paint strainer

Even if you have just bought your paint, it is possible bits of fried paint have fallen into it, which could later come up like lumps on your wall. Buying a paint strainer and taking a few minutes to get these bits out means you won’t have to chip off and re-do patches of the wall later.

Cover paint during breaks

Although you might just be taking a small breather between walls, remember to cover the paint in your paint tray with a damp cloth and close your paint tin to stop it from drying out.

Paint the trim first

This is considered the best order to paint your walls. First paint the trim, meaning all skirting boards before tackling the main wall itself. This is because its easier to tape the skirting so you don’t mess on it when paining the main wall, than taping the wall to avoid messing on it when you’re painting the skirting.

Use a brush to “cut-in”

Much like you start a puzzle by completing the border, you have to “cut-in” the corners along the wall to get a nice, defined line. Take a hand brush and paint along the edges of the wall before going to town with your roller.

Remember to ventilate

Nothing is worse than a paint fumes headache so remember to leave some windows and doors open. This will also help to dry the paint when your work is done.

Image: Pixabay

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