How to save energy and reduce your electricity bill

Date:9 September 2021 Tags:, , , , ,

Let’s face it, we all become a bit frustrated when that red light starts flickering on our meter box, not knowing what happened to the units we bought two days ago.

Thankfully, there are ways to save energy in your home and reduce your electricity bill while you’re at it. Here are a few tips by Woman & Home Magazine:

  • Replace your bulbs with energy efficient LEDs or invest in Consol Solar Jars. Candles can also be a nice addition, creating the perfect atmosphere for romance as well. Bonus!
  • If you have to use your tumble dryer, clean the lint trap as often as possible to ensure that your laundry dries more effectively.
  • Plan your laundry days around the weather and ahead of time so that you’re never left with a heap of soggy clothes on a wet day.
  • Your geyser uses lots of power, so make sure to switch it off when you go on holiday to save some money. You could also wrap a blanket around your geyser to maximise heat retention and keep your water hotter for longer.

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