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Date:4 December 2016 Tags:, , ,

Reader Sean Beukes shares some keys facts that might just keep you on top of which keys go and are where.

My two tips involve keys.

If you are struggling with too many keys that rarely change, but are way too many for a single keyring, think of a set of keys for a building kept as master keys, then simply use a steel cable security tag (as used on drums to seal them) as a keychain. It’s cheap, and if you want cheaper, simply reuse one by cutting the end off and using a large screw connector to hold the ends together again.

Some drill an offset hole to identify keys, but it makes more sense – and is easier – to grind a notch or two in the side of the key, so you can identify commonly used keys simply by running your finger down the bunch to find the one with one, two or three notches on one
or both sides.

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This tip was originally posted in the August issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.

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