Protecting car doors and garage walls – Tip

Date:7 December 2016 Tags:, , , , , ,

Reader Rob Newcomb shares his wife’s ingenious tip with us. It keeps your car doors and garage walls safe from chipping and dents when the car doors are opened.

I am a sailor and on returning home from a long trip I couldn’t understand why my wife had placed thin, empty boxes around our garage walls. Her explanation was simple – and the effect of her empty boxes immediate.

The boxes prevent the car doors from chipping paint against the garage walls whenever one of our three boys (and ourselves) get over-enthusiastic while climbing out. This may be a small trick that she has devised, but it’s one that has saved the paint on our car on many occasions and quite possibly a small dent or two.

Rob Newcomb, Pietermaritzburg


This tip was originally posted in the July issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.

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