How to restore antique tins

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Whether it’s the antique tins you’ve bought at flea markets or the neatly stacked tins from your grandmother’s kitchen, they’re bound to become worn with age. Instructables user Jessica M. shows how you can keep the condition of antique tins in tact, without altering their appearance or losing the original labels.

What you’ll need to restore your antique tins:

Cotton bud
Cotton pad
A cup or bowl of warm soapy water (use dish washing soap)
A dry towel
Boiled linseed oil

Step 1: Wipe the tin

Dip the dry towel in the soapy water and lightly wipe off any dirt and excess rust. Jessica M. writes her tin had a (modern) tag stuck to the lid. She soaked the tag and let it sit for a few minutes to loosen the glue before pulling it off.

Once the tin is clean dry it well to prevent further rust.

Step 2: Apply the oil

Soak the end of a cotton bud in the boiled linseed oil and lightly dab it on the tin. Now use the cotton pad and gently rub it against the tin, making sure you cover the entire tin. Try not to use force as this might damage the label.

As you spread the boiled linseed oil along the antique tins, you’ll notice the tin’s colour becoming brighter.

Head over to Instructables for the original tutorial.

Image credit: Jessica M.

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