Stop tripping over tent pegs – Tip

  • Pool noodles might just save your shins. Image credit: Marcel Du Pré
  • You can use the pool noodles to cover pegs and other exposed metal. Image credit: Marcel Du Pré
Date:5 December 2016 Tags:, , , , ,

Are you a regular camper and tired of tripping over tent pegs in the dark? Well, reader Marcel Du Pré’s tip might just be able to help.

We are very keen campers and have lately begun using a 4×4 bush wagon for our excursions. We have always had the problem of kids and even us adults tripping on tent pegs and injuring ourselves, especially in the dark.

Our solution was to buy a few brightly coloured pool noodles, cut them into the lengths of the tent pegs, slitting them with a sharp knife along one side and then sliding them over the tent pegs. Not only are the tent peg more visible, but they are less likely to injure you seriously if you do happen to trip over one. My wife, a stickler for a neat camping site, also finds them more pleasing to the eye.

Marcel Du Pré, Klerksdorp


This tip was originally posted in the July issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.

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