Unsending e-mail

Date:1 July 2010 Tags:,

I encourage people to exercise common sense (and sobriety) when they are surfing the Web and sending out e-mails. That being said, we’ve all accidentally sent an unfinished e-mail, or one with the wrong name in the “To” line, more than once.

Thankfully, Google now gives Gmail users the option of “unsending” misfired messages (sorry non-Gmail users, you’ll still need to be extra careful). To give yourself this extremely useful option, click on Settings at the top left of your inbox, and then the Labs tab. This brings you into the menu for Google Labs, which is basically a clearinghouse for Google’s weird, wacky and experimental features. Scroll down to the Undo Send feature and click Enable. Now, whenever you send an e-mail, Gmail will wait a few seconds before actually sending it out into the ether – a grace period during which you will have the option of hitting an Undo button that will pop up on your screen. If you “Undo” the e-mail, it will bring it back onto your screen, allowing you to edit it if you choose to try again.

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