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    Much as it pains us to admit it, there are still Popular Mechanics readers out there whose eyes glaze over when it comes to the DIY stuff. Dodgy grammar notwithstanding, we have to say it: this is plain wrong. Having devoted last Saturday morning to a thoroughly satisfying project – fashioning 4 mm round steel bars into spiked wineglass holders for our next picnic – we can attest to the almost palpable sense of satisfaction that accompanies a DIY job well done (not to mention the usefulness of solid workbenches, affordable arc welders, and spouses who let us get on with it).

    In fact, the wineglass-holder project illustrates an important point: you needn’t be an expert to tackle a DIY job, and personal experience suggests that you learn something, and acquire all manner of new skills, every time you take that leap of faith. As evidenced by the little lumps and bumps that peppered the steel spike (that is, before the ad hoc aesthetics committee ordered their removal), our welding skills needed a little polishing. Against that, it gave us an opportunity to haul out an angle grinder – still one of our favourite power tools – an assortment of hand files, a sheet of coarse emery paper and a can of olive green spray paint (you know, for the environment).

    When summer returns, as we are assured it will, we’ll be ready for our first picnic with a bottle of nicely chilled Chardonnay and half a dozen wineglass holders. And when someone asks where we bought them, we’ll respond with studied nonchalance:

    “Actually, we made them ourselves.” – The Editors

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