3 clever ideas to make the most of storage space

  • Jars allow both sides of a shelf to be used Illustration by Ted Slampyak
  • Cup hooks organise keys in drawer Illustration by Ted Slampyak
  • Wire shelf becomes tool organiser Illustration by Ted Slampyak
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Here are three clever solutions to everyday storage problems:

1. Jars allow both sides of a shelf to be used

Glass jars are handy for storing fittings, fasteners and more. Attaching them to the underside of a shelf keeps them out of the way. Simply drill two holes in a jar lid and screw it into the underside of a shelf. Screw the jar into the lid for storage. Baby food, jam, and mayonnaise jars are good sizes to consider. Clean them first.

2. Cup hooks organise keys in drawer

Everyone has a clattering drawer full of keys that can’t be thrown away but are rarely used. Cup hooks inserted on the inside of the drawer front hang keys neatly and free up space.

3. Wire shelf becomes tool organiser

The YouTube channel Bushcraftarizona found a modified wire shelf to be useful for segregating different types of spanners while saving space. First, cut the shelf to fit into a toolbox drawer. Then fix it in a clamp and introduce a bend so that it rises up off the bottom of the drawer. Store spanners on their sides between the wires.

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