Another low-cost LED lights solution

Date:21 August 2013 Tags:, ,

Some months ago, I was looking at LED lighting as a low-power option for lighting parts of our house but the cost was prohibitive. After sourcing three LED strips (at R8 each) and a couple of on/off switches (also R8 each), all I needed was a housing and a power source. A quick scratch in the shed yielded a length of left-over single cable trunking and a piece of white conduit.

After drilling the ends of the proposed slot in the cover of the trunking (to accommodate 6 LED strips) and in the conduit  (for 2 LED strips), I cut out the edges of the slots with a Dremel-like tool and a small cutting wheel. Double-sided adhesive tape secured the LED strips within the trunking and conduit. Power sources consisted of a redundant laptop charger (at 16 volts) for the 6-LED strip array and a really old 12 V radio adaptor for the 2 LED strip array.

A couple of lengths of burglar alarm flex to connect the adaptors, switches and LEDs, and I was in business. The 6-LED light is mounted under the stairs in our lounge, giving enough light to read by, and is great for watching TV. The 2-LED light is mounted on the ceiling in our home office and is used instead of 220-volt downlighters. Cost: R80.

Paul Bubear


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