• Ant invasion

    Date:2 August 2013 Tags:, ,

    We finally got rid of our ant infestation this winter, but now they’re back. Any suggestions that don’t involve nasty toxic insecticides?

    Ants invade houses to forage for food, especially during cold, rainy winters and again during hot, dry summers. Without insecticides, you’ll have to make life difficult for them so they’ll eventually move on. First, figure out how they’re getting in, and then try to block their access. Apply weather stripping to windows and exterior doors, and caulk cracks in foundations and walls. If you can’t seal these entry points, use a non-toxic insect repellent there instead. We’ve heard of people using everything from mint tea to artificial sweeteners to commercial products – all with varying results. Do some Internet research and brew your own; you might be surprised how effective it is. Or isn’t. Finally, your ants are probably workers scouting for food, so keep your countertops and floors clean, especially near doors, windows, and anywhere else you think they’re getting in.

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