Biltong-making PC?

Date:25 July 2012 Tags:, ,

Do you have an obsolete desk top computer somewhere, gathering dust? I had an old 486 machine that was just incapable of working with today’s software so I gutted it and made it into a biltong maker. I used a light fitting, a 100 watt light bulb, a spare wall extractor fan, some wire, electrical cable and some fly netting that I installed into the box carcass. I can load 2,5 – 3 kg of meat into the machine and in two to three days, I have biltong. You don’t have to use all the parts that I used, you can make do with either the light fi tting or the extractor fan. It just means that it will take slightly longer to make the biltong. Alternatively you can make use of the existing computer fan. Attached some photos of my biltong maker. -BRENDAN CREAVEN, VIA E-MAIL

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