• Build your own acoustic tractor beam

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    Interested in building your very own acoustic tractor beam? Well, if you can use a soldering iron with some skill, you might just be able to.

    After building a single-sided acoustic tractor beam and co-authoring a paper published in Applied Physics Letters, researcher Asier Marzo has created a DIY tutorial that’s simple to follow. Watch the video above to see how it’s done. Also check out the full component and tool list below.

    What you’ll need:


    •    30 x 16mm transducers MCUSD16P40B12RO
    •    1 x Arduino Nano
    •    1 x L298N dual motor drive board
    •    1 x converter DC-DC adjustable step-up
    •    1 x 2S Lipo battery (7.4V) and charger
    •    11 x M3 screws (6 millimetres) and M3 nuts
    •    1 x piece of wood measuring 300 x 45 x 15 mm
    •    1 x 3D-printed bowl
    •    1 x small strip board
    •    1 x switch
    •    3 x breadboard buttons
    •    Jumper wires
    •    12AWG black and red wire
    •    Expanded polystyrene beads for levitation (measuring between 1 and 4 millimetres diameter)
    •    An acoustically transparent material: A metallic grid, very thin fabric or teabag paper.


    •    A 3D-printer. Alternatively you can use an online 3D-printing service.
    •    An oscilloscope with two probes.
    •    A soldering iron, tin and flux.
    •    Drill
    •    Hot glue gun
    •    Multimeter
    •    Cable peeler
    •    Screwdriver and pliers

    Read more about Marzo’s acoustic tractor beam by clicking here.


    Image and video credit: Asier Marzo

    Source: ResearchGate, Instructables