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A creative company has taken notebook production to the next level by deciding to produce their products from stone instead of wood.

“We could kill trees too. But why should we have to? It’s possible to make paper without timber and water, without chlorine or acids, without waste, using only a third of the carbon footprint. So we did. Our paper is made of stone. It’s smoother, brighter, and more durable than traditional paper. We don’t compromise. Neither should you,” says the company on their website.

Designed in Sydney Australia, Karst Stone Paper aims to disrupt the paper industry and bring about change for the better. Their products were born with the intention to simultaneously respect people and the planet.


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Offering a selection of stationary products all made using an alternative with a focus on notebooks, notepads journals and woodless pencils. Along with their sustainable benefits their products are also waterproof, tear-resistant and they’re made from stone and just like normal paper, only better.

How it’s made:

Stone paper is made by mixing calcium carbonate powder with a high quality, non-toxic, non-virgin resin. Calcium carbonate is used because it is one of the world most abundant naturally occurring substances. This “rock powder” essentially can be found in almost everything and is abundant across a number of different environments. Karst Stone Paper gets theirs by recycling construction and mining waste instead of digging it up.

Their factories have a 100% scrap reuse process that ensure every single off cut is reused and turned into stone paper, unlike other factories that often allow scraps to pile up due to their inability to recycle them.

Paper going through the rotation process.

Since the stone paper is degradable and made of just 2 simple components, the company is able to apply heat and manipulate the paper so it reverts back to its original powdered form to be used again.

From here heat and pressure are applied combined with rotations through extremely large heavy rollers, the material then becomes thin enough to be used as paper. The last step involves each notebook being cut and bound to produce the finally product.

If by chance your notebook ends up on a landfill it will degrade in the sun after 12 hours.

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