DIY tablet stand to watch movies in bed

  • The stand can double as a night stand. Image credit: HomeMadeModern
  • The stand is lightweight and can be moved around fairly easily. Image credit: HomeMadeModern
  • The stand has a 25 degree groove for easy watching. Image credit: HomeMadeModern
Date:15 September 2016 Tags:, , ,

There’s nothing like catching up on a movie or series in bed to wind down. And with fewer of us having TVs in our bedrooms, the tablet is the way to do it. Sadly, trying to balance a screen propped up on your chest while supine is awkward and annoying, writes PM USA’s . Here’s how you can make a DIY tablet stand to watch movies in bed without the hassle.

“You can build this tablet stand that doubles as a nightstand with less than $30 (about R430) in materials and using only three tools. HomeMadeModern has a knack for building simple and contemporary furniture pieces that most DIYers can emulate. This project can be finished in less than an hour and be used immediately.”

What you’ll need:

  • Two thick pieces of wood of equal size,
  • Two steel flanges, and
  • a pipe that fits snugly inside the flanges.

To cut the groove, use your circular saw set at 25 degrees. The groove can also be cut using a table saw. You’ll also need a drill to screw the flanges into place. Sanding the wood will be easy if you have an orbital or disc sander, but sanding by hand will work if you don’t own a sander.

Watch the video above to see how HomeMadeModern puts it together.

This article was originally published on Popular Mechanics USA.

Video credit: HomeMadeModern

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