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Date:12 June 2012 Author: Roy Berendsohn

Q Are peel-and-stick floor tiles any good?

A Sure, peel-and-stick vinyl tiles are a great product and very DIY-friendly.

You can reliably install them on top of plywood or, with some precautions, on concrete. If you’re working with plywood, make sure it’s rated for use as a subfloor. If the subfloor is rough timber or is plywood that lacks the requisite rating, or if you’re not sure what kind of plywood it is, then install subfloor-rated plywood.

The tricky thing about concrete is that any moisture vapour or groundwater that comes through will lift the tiles. As a test, use plastic tape to seal an 450 x 450-mm piece of clear plastic sheet to the floor and leave it in place for 24 hours. If you see condensation on the underside of the plastic, you can’t install the tiles on the floor. If the plastic stays dry, the tiles will probably work. No guarantee, though.

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