Google engineer builds smart mirror

  • The smart mirror display is clean and doesn't interfere with mirror space. Image credit: Max Braun
  • The mirror displays the local weather forecast, time and date, and recent news headlines. Image credit: Max Braun
  • The glass is mounted on an existing bathroom cupboard. Image credit: Max Braun
  • The thickness of the two-way mirror glass. Image credit: Max Braun
Date:10 February 2016 Tags:, , ,

The smart mirror of the future is still a work in progress, but it looks pretty awesome.

After some research, Google engineer Max Braun found there were no mirrors on the market that had the functionality he required, so – like a true maker – decided to put one together himself. Why? Because he wants the mirror “to be more like the future we were promised in the movies“. And besides, why wouldn’t you want a smart mirror?

Using a two-way mirror, a display panel and controller board, a variety of components, craft supplies and a lot of trial and error, Max created the display as pictured above. The display includes date and time, a 24-hour weather forecast, and recent news headlines. The code behind the smart mirror includes Android API’s, Forecast for the weather and Associated Press for the news feed.

Max writes he is also playing with traffic reports and reminders – basically anything that has a Google Now card. “This prototype is still a work in progress and I haven’t spent much time on the software yet. The UI above is only a few hundred lines of code and I’m experimenting with different devices to run it—initially Chromecast, then Nexus Player, and most recently Fire TV Stick.”.

Below is a look at the electronics behind the smart mirror.

For updates and more details on his smart mirror project, visit Max’s website, here.

Source: Max Braun

Max Braun's smart bathroom mirror

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