A brief history of dad advice

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A brief history of dad advice. By Amanda Green

Ancient Greece: Master craftsman Daedalus warns son Icarus not to fly too close to the Sun with wax-and feather wings. Icarus ignores him and drowns. Kids!

1903: Pierre and Marie Curie share Nobel Prize in physics, teaching their kids teamwork. Later, daughter Irène Curie earns Nobel with own husband.

1923: Thomas Edison hires son Theodore as a lab assistant. He later becomes a top executive. Genius may be 99 per cent perspiration, but for job security nepotism helps.

1969: Robert Gore makes waterproof, breathable material, expanded polytetrafluo-roethylene. His dad, Wilbert, an engineer, suggests a more marketable name: Gore-Tex.

1976: Earl Woods teaches son, Tiger, to play golf. He rises to No 1 in the game, then slumps and has a crisis before a major comeback. Earl taught him perseverance, too.

1980: Darth Vader reveals that he’s Luke Skywalker’s dad; he teaches him to watch his hands when using a light sabre, or he might lose one. A hand, that is.

1990: Ken Griffeys Sr and Jr are the first father and son major league baseball team; they even hit back-to-back homers. That’s teaching by example.

2012: Rapper Jay-Z shows daughter Blue Ivy Carter how to hit the Billboard charts. “Glory” features recordings of her voice hours after birth; it debuts at No 74.

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