How to build an eco-friendly Hobbit House

How to build an eco-friendly Hobbit House
Date:24 November 2011 Tags:,

One man builds an eco-friendly home on a budget. – By Sean Woods

Building a conventional home using bricks and mortar is all very well – as long as you don’t mind selling your soul to your bank manager for 20 years and living in an unimaginative rectangular box, that is. For Simon Dale, this utterly conventional approach to domesticity held little appeal. Not cashflush enough to raise a bond, and wanting his family to live close to Nature, he decided to build his own eco-friendly home. He accomplished this feat in just four months for less than R40 000.

The Dale family’s quirky dwelling, situated in the Welsh countryside, conjures up images of The Shire and that fictional abode of Bilbo Baggins, made famous by JRR Tolkien in his fantasy novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. But, as outlandish as it may seem to those unfamiliar with environmentally friendly building methods, make no mistake: the rationale behind its design and construction methodology is based firmly in reality.

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