How to make the perfect at home pizza

Date:29 September 2020 Author: Leila Stein

The concept of a “perfect” pizza is hard to define as there are so many styles and preferences. From thick-base American styles to the more traditional Neapolitan pizza, its a fierce debate.

This how to will teach you the tricks to making a great pizza at home rather than ordering in. This can often be cheaper and slightly healthier as you can control oil and portion size.

This isn’t a recipe for the pizza itself but rather a build guide which incorporates best method and tools so you’re not stuck with the usual at home pizza problems like a bad base or an undercooked pizza.

The equipment

Before you even start making a pizza, having some special equipment can take your homemade pizza to the next level.

A pizza stone will help avoid the problem of having an undercooked based or burning your toppings in the hope of having a crispy base. This is because by heating up the stone first, you cook the pizza from the bottom and top.

A decent pizza cutter is key to carving out great pieces, though a big knife can do the job just not quite as well.

Semolina flour is key to avoid having your base stick to the bottom of the pizza stone. The granules act as ball bearings and allow you to easily slide your pizza on and off without effecting the taste.

The dough 

As said, this part is pretty much up to you but we recommend following this recipe as it has proven to produce consistently great pizza dough that’s easy to stretch.

If you’re needing to make a lot of pizza bases but can’t find a recipe that helps you, consider using this pizza dough calculator. It uses ratios to help you figure out how much of each ingredient you need, depending on the kind of pizza you’re making.

Do not roll the dough out 

It may seem easier but rolling out dough means you will loose that great crust and just flattens out the yeast which has been fermenting so nicely.

While stretching your dough like the Italian masters might seem daunting, even an imperfect stretch will produce a better base than just rolling it out. Follow this easy technique guide to get the perfect stretch from your dough, it’s also a great excuse to make more pizzas as practice makes perfect.

One bake is not enough

If you’re not lucky enough to own a pizza oven, the best way to ensure your bases are perfectly cooked but your toppings don’t burn is by first cooking the bases a little before adding the toppings.

So once you’ve stretched out your dough, pop it on the pizza stone, which should have been heating in the oven at the highest temperature for a while, for about three minutes and then take it out to place toppings on and pop it back in until everything is cooked as you would like.


Image: Unsplash

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