How to wire a three-pin South African plug top

Date:21 June 2022 Author: Juandre

Scored a bargain on some vintage state-of-the-art stereo equipment but the plugs need replacing? Brought back some electronics from your travels but the plugs won’t fit local sockets?

This guide will show you how to wire a South African three-pin plug top.

Although practically any wire or cable can be stripped with nothing more than a craft knife, it is safer to use a wire stripper. A wire stripper is an economical and easy-to-use tool that produces reliable and safe results if you plan to undertake your own home maintenance or repairs.

Stripping the electrical cords

It requires a sharp blade, a steady hand, and focus to properly regulate the cut depth in order to remove the outer plastic sheath. Cutting through the cables inside the cord is the one thing you want to avoid doing.

1. Cut a circle with a craft knife around the outer cord, but stop short of completely slicing through the plastic. As long as you use very little pressure with the knife and keep your thumb on the opposite side of the cord, this technique is safe despite appearing risky.

2. To remove the wires’ exterior plastic coating, use wire strippers. Each wire should be inserted into the stripper about 20mm deep. Next, squeeze the insulation remover to remove the wire’s insulation while holding the wire in one hand.

Wiring the plug

While most appliances come with a plug already installed, you might need to know how to wire a plug if the appliance is older or the plug is damaged.

There are three terminals inside the plug:

Earth: Although double insulated appliances don’t have an earth connection, this is where the green and yellow wire goes.

Live: The live terminal is on the right of the plug, and the brown wire connects to it.

No position: The blue wire is connected to the plug’s left-side neutral terminal.

1. Twist the ends of each cable after trimming them to the proper length and removing the insulation. This guarantees there aren’t any exposed copper wires.

2. Thread each individual wire to the appropriate terminal after threading the cable through the wire grip. The cord grip screw and the terminal screws should be tightened. Avoid overtightening the screw as this could strip the screw thread, but it must be snug enough so that the cable cannot be pulled out of the terminal.

3. Arrange the cables inside the plug so that they aren’t too close to or above the areas where the screws or clips will be placed to secure the two plug portions together.

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