Paint as you go

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Date:23 February 2012 Tags:, ,

Q My husband and I are building a white picket fence to go in front of our house. I’m the painter in our family, and I’d like to be able to take the fence sections into the garage to paint. Can these be made removable?

A I think that’s a good idea. Bolting the picket sections to the posts or crossrails would let you take them into the garage to paint when it’s raining, for example. I would number the sections to ensure they go back on the posts in the original position.

You should use hot-dipped galvanised bolts to hold the fence sections to the posts. This will prevent rust stains caused by ordinary steel hardware from ruining your paint job.  Hot-dipped means that the bolts, nuts and washers are submerged in molten zinc, which bonds to the steel, creating an unmatched electrochemical and mechanical alloy layer. This bond makes the hardware highly corrosion-resistant. Other plating methods – such as tumbling fasteners in hot zinc particles – are not as effective.

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