Repairing granite

Date:23 February 2012 Tags:,

Q We have a granite counter with a small chip. Is there a repair material that can fill the damage so that it won’t be noticeable?

A You can indeed fill in the damaged area, and once the job is done, it’s likely that you’ll be the only person who knows the counter has been repaired. Your best bet is to consult the original suppliers for advice; they might be able to sell you a kit that includes different-coloured tints, adhesives and application tools. You should be able to blend these materials to get a very close match.

“The key when making a repair like this is to overfill the chipped area slightly, then slice off the excess while the material is still moist,” according to expert Kevin Thorstad. “Use one of the razor blades from the kit, then let the area cure.” The filler dries to a shiny finish; you don’t have to polish it to match the surrounding surface.

A professional would probably apply a layer of cyanoacrylate glue (superglue) to the surface of the repair after it’s dry and polish the entire counter to blend it in. However, this degree of perfection will cost you; it always does.

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