Uncork your creativity with 5 cork hacks

Date:19 January 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, , ,

For all the oenophiles out there, it’s time to put your collection of corks to good use. Here are five cork hacks to getting the most out of your bottle of wine, even after you have finished it.

Unorganised? We’ve got you sorted.

You will need elastic string (10cm), a cork and a drill. Place your cork horizontally, dril two holes parallel to each other. Leave 1 to 2cm spacing between drilled holes. Now take your elastic string and pull it through either side of the holes- the ends should connect in length together. Tie a knot. Now you can keep all those extension cables laying around neat and tidy. Just wrap the string in the center of the folded cable around and over the cork. Sorted.

Are your earphones always tangled and never seems to stay in one place?

Position your cork vertically. Simply make an incision in the middle of the cork and on either side with a sharp knife. Only cut deep enough to push and hold one end of your earphone through and wrap the remaining cable around the cork, with the other end tugged into the second incision.

Let’s make a floating keychain for the outdoor enthusiasts.

You’re going to need an eye bolt screw. All you need to do is twist the screw all the way in on the vertical end of our cork. Done. Now just attach your key.

No electricity at home, candles are finished and you don’t have a torch?

Soak your cork in rubbing alcohol for up to 24 hours. Remove and place it inside a candle holder. Set alight. Your cork’s burning time won’t last as long as a candle, so be sure to have a few corks handy.

Done snacking on your favorite bag of chips? Let’s keep it sealed and fresh.

Position cork vertically. Cut halfway down the middle of your cork. Now seal the bag by folding it over slightly and pulling it through the cut.


Image credit: Jack Moreh

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