Vegetables to grow during a crisis

Date:7 April 2020 Author: Leila Stein

While the shops are keeping stocked, lockdown might be the perfect time to try your hand at a little substance farming. If you’re keen to grow your own vegetables, here are the ones you can grow at home and fast.

Since the garden stores are closed, these vegetables can all be grown from scraps and some soil.


This might be one of the simplest. Place the base of celery in a small bowl of water and watch the stalks regrow! When the middle of the base starts to grow darker green stalks, transplant into soil.


Don’t throw away that one potato that’s started to grow those weird eyes! Use it to grow more. Once the eyes have grown, plant the potato in soil and place in a sunny spot in your garden.


Much like celery, use the base of your lettuce to grow new leaves. Place in a shallow dish with water and wait for new leaves to grow. Once it has produced a few leaves around the 10 day mark, they will be ready to eat.


Grow your own mushrooms by taking your discarded stems and placing them in soil. Use several pieces and hopefully, one will start growing.

Bean sprouts

Bean sprouts make a lovely garnish and can be grown in your home. Simply pick your bean, with mung beans and lentils growing the fastest. Place them in a jar and fill with water and cover with cheese cloth secured with a rubber band. After 8-12 hours drain through the cloths and refill with water. Store away from sunlight and repeat this process until you’ve got the sprout length you want.


For more ideas on what you can grow, watch here:

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