Winning tip: irrigation on the cheap

Date:4 September 2014 Tags:, ,

Having decided to try a little gardening, I found that simple sprinklers don’t always cover the area I want to water. However, proper irrigation systems cost a fortune, so I came up with a R32 idea. Difficulty level: 1, or perhaps even 0.

Here’s what you need: 2 x hose connectors; 1 x hose splitter, 1 x length of old hosepipe (if it has holes in it, so much the better). Make a loop and use a utility knife to poke small holes at regular intervals. Place the perforated hose where required, turn on the tap, and off you go. If you like, you can even poke in a few more holes for individual plant attention.

Robert Pothier
Kyalami Boulevard Estate

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