• Winning tip: Breathe new life into your old appliances

    Date:9 May 2013 Tags:,

    Here’s a tip for those who like to use parts from old or broken tools and appliances to breathe new life into something else. A while back, my BBQ blower broke – no biggie, considering that they’re relatively cheap – but  the shops were out of stock. This gave me the perfect excuse to put on my “mad scientist grin” and have a look around the garage. I took the motor from an old cordless screwdriver I no longer use, the switch from a broken spotlight, some galvanised sheet metal, silicone pipe, hose clamps and some wire, and set to work (cue the A Team theme song).

    I ended up with a motorised BBQ blower that runs on three rechargeable AA batteries. Although I have since acquired a new blower, I generally end up using the Frankensteined version because it always puts a smile on my face.



    Check out Lindo’s step-by-step instructions for a home-built blower