Winning tip: Locate a leak in your pool

Date:25 October 2012 Tags:, , ,

There’s nothing worse than watching your pool’s water level drop day after day, knowing that it isn’t due to evaporation, so here’s a quick and cheap way to locate the leak. Buy a 1 m length of 20 mm clear plastic hose. Working just below the water level, disconnect your pool cleaner from the vacuum pipe and insert about 15 cm of the clear hose into the end of the pipe, using a piece of cloth to create a rough seal. Now switch on your pool pump: you will see pool water moving through the clear hose.

Okay, you’re good to go. Starting in the most likely areas, such as hairline cracks or the area around the weir, contact the end of the clear pipe against the target area and move it around to look for the leak. As soon as you hit the right spot, the water will turn brown… because you’re sucking mud from the other side of your pool wall. To repair a leak in Marbelite pools, use Pratley Putty, which trowels easily and cures under water.

Clint Dreyer

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