Winning tip: Make a Fitbit charging adaptor for nothing

Date:19 January 2014 Tags:, ,

I thought you may be interested in this interesting “invention” by my wife, Cindy.

As a software developer, she is quite up to date with technology and owns all the gadgets that most men enjoy, from smartphones and tablets to fancy cameras, Bluetooth headphones, wireless routers and so on.

She recently bought a Fitbit and started tracking her movements and weight loss, but having a 3-year-old in the house does not bode well for small gadgets and their charging adaptors (it seems they are quite chewable). After being used only twice, the charging adaptor disappeared, from which we assume that our child (Jesse) threw it away. Cindy went online to find a replacement but the importers did not stock it, and the alternative – to import it herself – would have cost R800.

So she decided to do it herself, starting with a USB charging cable that had been partly eaten by the parrot. This was fed into the top of an energy drink cap (similar in size to the Fitbit adaptor) and held in place with wire, Prestik and tape. The charging cable was fed through the energy drink cap and exposed for the Fitbit to charge. It works, and it cost nothing to make.

Craig Neill,
via email

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