Winning tip: You’re getting warm

Date:20 August 2012 Tags:, , ,

When we lived in Randburg, our house became quite cold in winter, so I installed wall-mounted panel heaters in the bedrooms. One day, after moving a small couch in one of the rooms, I noticed that the wall behind it was warm to the touch. It turned out the heat was being transmitted through the wall by the panel heater in the adjoining room – which seemed rather a waste. So, when I next installed panel heaters, I decided to add a heat shield: I did this by cutting out the shape of the panel heater from the box it came in and covering it in ordinary aluminium foil, fixing it to the wall behind the heater with the same screws as the panel itself.

It works well. The walls remain cool and the heat is used more effectively by exploiting the convection currents between panel and wall. I contacted the manufacturers and suggested they modify their packaging to create something similar, but they weren’t interested. I also save electricity by using time switches. – GERT CLOETE, HERMANUS

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