How to get all the kernels out of a corn cob

  • This clever trick will remove the entire kernel. Image credit: alovesun
  • 1. Place your thumb against a row. Image credit: alovesun
  • 2. Push against the row to the right. Image credit: alovesun
  • 3. Remove once the row is uprooted. Image credit: alovesun
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There are many theories around getting the most kernels out of a corn cob. But this clever hack might be the best one yet.

We’ve heard and seen all the methods: eating with the row and against the row, using a knife and cutting the rows away from the cob. Recently Twitter user “alovesun” uploaded a method of dekerneling (is that even a word?) a corn cob that is commonly used by residents of Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido. The method involves pushing rows out of the cob with the tip in tact.

How to remove the kernels

First, cut or break the cob in half. If you can’t, just repeat this process two or three times with the same row.

Place your thumb against a row. Push your thumb against the row of kernels, moving them to the right. This will uproot the entire row. Now you remove the loose kernels and repeat with the next row. Check out the image above to see the result.

If the row is quite stiff or the kernels are too close together, pinch out an entire row of kernels first. Once you have an empty row, place your thumb in the groove and push the row to the right.

Watch the dekerneling in action

The entertainment channel BuzzFeed posted a video showing how the method works. Watch it below:

Other methods

If the hands on method is not for you, here are some other pro tips to removing kernels from the cob:


Put a small bowl upside down in a larger one, making sure the bowls can’t move. Place the cob on the bottom of the small bowl, using the rim of the bottom to hold the cob against. This will help it remain sturdy when you cut. Gently and slowly cut from the top to the bottom. This method removed multiple kernels at once. We recommend using a small knife.

Corn peeler:

As bizarre as this might sound, corn peelers are a great (and fairly safe) way to remove all the kernels at once. Although there are a variety of different ones on the market, the most practical might be the circular cutter. Simply sturdy the cob, place the peeler over the narrow tip and move it downwards. It removes all the edible bits in one motion.


Source: BuzzFeed via Popular Mechanics USA

Image credit: alovesun

Video credit: BuzzFeed


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