The Amazing Spider-Man game review

Date:9 July 2012 Author: Andrew Solomon Tags:, , , , ,

Score: 7.5 out of 10

I was happy to get a chance to see the new Amazing Spiderman movie at a special sneak preview and I was equally happy to receive The Amazing Spider-Man Xbox title the following day for review. As a big fan of the Spiderman franchise, I am always excited to play a new version even though the sad truth is that most movie-based games are rubbish. Thankfully, this one isn’t.

The first thing that you’ll notice when playing the game is how open it is. As Spiderman you will have the whole of Manhattan as your playground. The controls associated with swinging through the city are easy and just feel right. If you are a fan like me then you might find yourself swinging through the city just because you can.

It’s particularly great to note that this Spiderman doesn’t simply swing from an imaginary surface in the sky. I love the realism applied to the swinging. If there are no buildings around then you won’t be able to swing very high. It makes sense and might seem silly to mention, but it’s a detail that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Too often games miss the small points of realism.

To add to the main storyline of the game (which will be a giant spoiler for the movie if you haven’t seen it), there are side-missions dotted around the city for you to complete. So if you are interested in helping out the NYPD then you can do you part to make the city a safer place. You’ll be rescuing citizens, stopping car chases and foiling muggers to name but a few activities. Fun!

Combat takes a bit of getting used to. At first the combat controls feel a bit unsuitable and you will find yourself reacting badly in a fight and end up on a wall upside down being pummeled by your opponent. If you stay with it though, you will grow into the controls and fights will become easier. In fact, you might actually say that they become too easy. One of the flaws of the game is the difficulty or perhaps the lack thereof. From the smallest enemy to a big boss, it really is easy. Or is Spiderman just that good? Perhaps. You be the judge.

A great addition to the gameplay is the “bullet-time” mode called “Web Rush” mode. It’s a perfect way for you to consider your next steps and is probably the only way that we can truly experience Spidey’s quick thinking and lightning fast reactions.

Quite a big negative in my opinion is the repetition found throughout the game. The side-missions are highly repetitive right down to the same cars being used in car-chases. It won’t take you too long before you start seeing things that make you wonder whether you’re having deja vu. Another aspect that repeats quite irritatingly is the audio. I would seriously recommend that the developers patch the game with some additional audio for Spiderman’s exclamations throughout the story. There’s only so many times you can stand hearing him say “aaaalright”.

All in all it’s an absolute must-have for Spiderman fans. If the developers make a few minor tweaks then I believe that this action [web] shooter would rival the best titles in the category.

Available on: X360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, DS, PC, iPhone, Android

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