Borderlands 2 game review

Date:23 October 2012 Author: Andrew Solomon Tags:, , ,

Score: 8 out of 10

If you’ve played the original 2009 hit, Borderlands, then you’re not going to need much of an introduction to this series. Borderlands 2 is a giant improvement and they’ve somehow achieved this by not changing much at all.

For the newcomers to the series, you will spend your time on the bandit-infested planet of Pandora looking for loot. In Borderlands 2 you are one of the four new Vault Hunters and you’re involved in a “save the world” plot-line that weaves through a well-written story which is sometimes touching and mostly hilariously funny.

Speaking of laughs, an absolute must for all players is to check out the side quests dotted throughout the game. Some of these will literally have you laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of it all.

In Borderlands 2, each of the four classes have unique abilities. The four classes are: Commando, Gunzerker, Siren and Assassin. The Commando uses turrets, the Gunzerker goes mental with a gun in each hand, the Siren uses her stun abilities and the Assassin uses temporary cloaking and surprise attacks.

These can be customised to create slightly different classes, but fundamentally the class will stay the same. Actually, this is a good idea because otherwise you would have players turning Assassins into gunslingers and all sorts of unrealistic stuff. So the way that Gearbox have done it is to really just allow a player to gently tweak a character to be little more in line with their specific playing style.

In terms of gameplay, it is certainly a beautiful shooter indeed. The highly stylised view of the world in Borderlands 2 is spot on and lends itself perfectly to this quirky and hilarious romp. The actual play is pretty much what you would expect from a shooter. Some critics were against the exclusion of a third-person perspective, but I must say that I think its appropriate.

There is an incredible amount of fun to be had by running around swatting off baddies and then collecting the loot that springs from their corpses. The variety of characters and their unpredictable animations are quite entertaining. The scenic vistas and the collection of renegade bad guys really gives one a Star-Wars-cantina-spaghetti-western-Mad-Max kind of a feel. And I like it.

For me this is an above-average shooter and will certainly provide more than just mindless entertainment. Gearbox have done well to expand on the series with this title.

Available on: Xbox, PS3, PC

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