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Date:4 September 2012 Author: Andrew Solomon Tags:,

Score: 6 out of 10

It’s nice that movie-based games are becoming more than just silly merchandising like branded lunchboxes and schoolbags. Unfortunately most still do fall into the cheap knockoff category. The developers at Disney Interactive seem to be doing their part to alter that stereotype and have done a good job with Brave.

As should be expected, you play as Merida who must set out on an adventure in order to remove the curse that has been placed on her mother. The adventure takes Merida through a medieval 10th century Scotland, the scenes of which have been beautifully depicted in the game. A major plus point in my opinion is that the same actor from the movie voices the game character.

It is clear that the game is targeted at younger audiences in that it tends towards being easy in most aspects. The combat situations are simple enough in that the player must use the right stick to shoot arrows and the left stick to wield the sword. The defensive moves that the player can utilise allow Merida to easily avoid injury. And even if the character does eventually perish, the game-play mechanic doesn’t really punish the player too much.

Ironically, there are not many games these days that are made for young kids so I am happy that this one has been unashamedly created for the young market. Parents can happily purchase this one without the worry that can come from buying more hard-core game title.

The combat itself, while simple enough, is mildly enhanced by the fact that enemies must be defeated with appropriate weapons. Weapons and powers are categorised as fire, earth, wind and ice, which are all unlocked as you play. These elements must then be used to defeat enemies that are similarly defined.

There are a few negatives of course. One common element with most movie-based games is that they tend to leave you a bit wanting in the long lasting appeal department. The entire game is not really going to hold your attention for too long since the game-play is somewhat repetitive and contains a fairly short story arc. However, the developers have added in some Kinect mini-games, which should extend the attention span of some players.

I must constantly remind myself that this game is aimed at a younger market. So with all things considered, Brave is a really good execution of a movie game and certainly should keep the young fans entertained.

Available on: X360 (Kinect compatible), PC, PS3, WII, DS, MAC

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